Global Open Finance Summit & Awards 2019

Global Open Finance Summit & Awards 2019 – Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th December

The FDATA mission is to work with government, regulatory authorities and the financial services industry in our mission to open up the financial sector all over the world to the benefits of financial data and technology.

Our annual two-day Summits bring together regulators and policy makers from around the world to discuss how we’re going to deliver open finance, collaborate on standards and set the agenda for best practice. These events are about influencing the decision makers and regulators and establishing the tone for the open finance movement globally.

Follow the link below to download this year’s draft agenda. Please note sessions and timing may be subject to change.


Why come to the Summit?

Ian Major, Runpath:

“The FDATA Global Open Banking Summit 2018 surpassed my expectations being one of the more candid events I’ve ever attended.”

Why come to the Summit?

John Heaton-Armstrong, RAIDIAM:

“The value of any event is in the mutual exchange of ideas and lessons, leading attendees to think critically. FDATA pulled together a wide range of contributors across a range of domains, and promoted engaging discussion on key issues.

“Their events are of great value to anyone seeking to gain insights from those at the coal face of innovation. I look forward to 2019!”