Global Open Finance Summit 2022

The highly focused two-day Summit, hosted by the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA), brings together regulators, policy makers, thought leaders and industry delegates from around the world to discuss the delivery of open finance, international collaboration on standards and the setting of the agenda for best practices across the ecosystem.

This discussion is truly global: building on the success and impact of previous Summits, FDATA again plans to host the Central Banks of Europe, Japan and Brazil; regulators from around the world; European Commission; key US agencies (including the OCC, Federal Reserve and CFPB), and many others in attendance.

The Summit provides an opportunity for both formal and informal discussions with policy makers and shapers across markets at different stages of open banking/open finance delivery, offering the chance to develop new relationships with those setting the agenda in banking, finance, and ultimately in data-sharing across sectors. It is also the forum to discuss the realities of delivering a truly transformational initiative at a market, regional, and global scale. A unique setting, the Summit sees competitors convene to discuss how the rules of the game shape the nature of the game and find common ground to evolve the market that allows for innovation, commercial viability, stability, and optimal end-consumer outcomes.

In a world of Uncoordinated Diversity, Contribute to the Humanifesto for Ethical Data Use

FDATA believes that as the world moves towards the model of an open data economy, the market deserves to identify clear principles to guide ethical data use, in policy and in practice. The Summit provides an opportunity for policy makers and business practitioners to create a Humanifesto for Ethical Data Use: one that rallies around the end-customer, that focuses on an agnostic technical standard that continues to evolve as technology improves, that focuses on how data access and consent function that minimises unintended consequences, and that enables commercial best practices.

FDATA invites Summit participants to be part of this co-creation, as we together define the purpose, the values, the principles, and ultimately the pledge that will underpin this Humanifesto. We do not expect to have a final version at the conclusion of the Summit; we anticipate that this Humanifesto will continue to evolve as open data economies evolve. Together we can chart the path forward as we revisit Ethical Data Use in future Summits.

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Day 1 – 7 December 2022

WelcomeOpen Finance around the world

Sponsor Showcase 1

Panel Session 1:  Where we are and where we need to go: Global Progress in Open Finance.

In an international overview, FDATA’s Region Directors showcase the journey of major markets in relation to open banking/open finance, and the application of open data across industry verticals.

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Panel Session 2:  Lessons learned – so far…

What universal  truths do we know from existing implementations, and what obvious mistakes need to be avoided? Why is it taking so long to get OB implemented globally? How does open finance regulation differ across the globe and how is it alike?

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Panel Session 3:  Why Open data systems should not be left to the Market to devise.

What environment is required to unleash the full potential of an open data economy? Is Open X a matter of competition or should it be driven by a consumer data right? How is balance achieved between regulation and market incentives?

Panel Session 4: Open Data Use Cases

Emerging business models and what is needed to get to open data, from a regulatory perspective and for businesses in terms of data access.

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Panel Session 5:  Interoperability across a global open data economy

How to account for existing regional development. Does being tech agnostic help or hinder the evolution of Open X? How do we integrate other industries that have different requirements to Financial services?

How do we deal with ecosystem isolation based on various technical approaches in adoption? The importance of trustworthy digital identity frameworks and harmonising the use of W3C standards like decentralised identifiers and verifiable credentials.

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Wrap-Up:  Key points from Day 1


Day 2 – 8 December 2022

TRACK Sessions 1

Commercial Track 1:  How to build organisational resilience when regulation takes so long to evolve you don’t know the market setting.

Technical Track 1:  Interoperability standards: harmonising regional variations

Regulatory Track 1:  Diverging & Converging Regulatory Frameworks as manifested across Latin America and shown in FDATA LATAM’s recent research for the IDB.

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TRACK Sessions 2         

Commercial Track 2:  Agility, bringing viable propositions to market

Opportunities for internationalising Fintech Businesses

Technical Track 2:  Directories & Trust Framework intersectionality in open data economies

Regulatory Track 2:  Fraud Prevention and Economic Crime,  keeping up with the fraudsters and using open data to identify economic crime faster

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TRACK Sessions 3

Commercial Track 3:  How to monetise data ethically

Technical Track 3:  Best Practice Buy, Build or Integrate?

Regulatory Track 3:  Consumer Protection in the Open Data age: how to create cross-industry liability frameworks; does a consumer data right have inherent protections and when does regulation step back to let the market find the solution?

Sponsor Showcase 9

Panel Session 1Commercialising Open Finance

The rise of embedded finance and BaaS. How long will it take to get live Open Data use cases to go live in the market? Monetizing open data: Premium APIs – what is the demand, and what is the use case roadmap (ie do these require schemes)? Open banking/open finance is good news for banks/FIs!

Sponsor Showcase 10

Panel Session 2:  Fintech for Good

Fintech has been flouted as a game changer, but only within the regulatory framework that permits safe, secure, and fair data exchange. So, how, in the context of open data, can we really ensure that fintech promotes social justice, inclusion, ESG, and protections for vulnerable customers? What can we expect good to look like in an open finance and open data environment?

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Wrap Up and Next Steps


Awards Dinner on 8 December 2022

Cocktails at the National Museum of Scotland

Awards Dinner


FDATA Global Open Finance Awards Winners 2021


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