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Pralhad Giri

Deputy Director, Central Bank of Nepal

At Nepal Rastra Bank, Mr. Pralhad Giri is responsible in policy and planning of financial institution's supervision, as well as formulating and implementation of Financial Sector Development Strategy. His responsibilities also include overall supervision of both on-site and off-site, and result-oriented resolutions of problematic financial insitutions that ensures financial stability through central bank's effective oversight. Mr. Giri has done M.A. in Economics, Sociology and Finance. He joined Nepal Rastra Bank in November 1996, working through various departments and now at Finance Company Supervision Department.

Professional Qualifications Freelance consultant/advisor with proven track record assisting and advising financial institutions, central bank, and financial regulators in Nepal and deep understanding of financial sector market across Asia Pacific. Mr. Giri regularly delivers financial sector insights at various international forums as speaker, presenter and discussant primarily on regulatory issues, AML policies, customer experiences policies, cyber security and inclusive growth issues.

Expert in addressing regulatory issues and enhancing enterprise risk management, network security policies, regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering (AML) programs, corporate governance, and policies and procedures. Effective in conducting in-depth reviews and risk assessments that accurately identify regulatory, compliance, and control issues and in determining appropriate remedial actions.

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