South America

FDATA South America aims for the development of Open Finance in the region as a force to improve financial inclusion, unlock innovative business models, boost competition and empower customers in their financial journey.
We work with governments, regulatory authorities and the financial services industry to enshrine the rights of customers to share their financial data with regulated organisations of their choosing.
What we are doing in South America

FDATA has played an active role in the South American region, particularly in Brazil, where the local Open Finance model is currently under construction. We’ve been participating in the public consultations put out by the regulator and supporting our members in different working groups, providing our expertise and bringing benchmarks and best practices from other parts of the world, in order to help in the development of the regulatory framework.

Bruno Diniz

Bruno Diniz, South America Director at FDATA, has more than 12 years of experience working in the financial services sector, comprising both his career in the banking industry and his work on developing the fintech ecosystem in the region through the organization of the first conferences about fintech in Brazil, his previous role as Head of the financial vertical at the Brazilian Startup Association and his work as innovation consultant in this industry.

Bruno Diniz is also co-founder of Spiralem (a consultancy firm focused on innovation for the financial market) and Professor at FGV’s Fintech course in Brazil and at University of Sao Paulo (USP) MBA course. He is also a frequent speaker in conferences and columnist at Noomis (FEBRABAN’s content platform), at Cointelegraph (a global portal about Crypto) and Exame (Brazil’s largest business magazine).

In 2016, Bruno Diniz was named the most influential person in the Fintech segment in Brazil by the European portal INVYO Insights. In 2018, he was named Fintech’s 9th most influential person in Iberoamerica by Finnovating Consulting, being the 1st among Brazilians. In early 2020 Bruno published his book “O Fenômeno Fintech” (The Fintech Phenomenon, not yet translated), the first book on Fintech by a Brazilian author published by Alta Books.

What we do for members

We lobby government, regulators, policy makers and key stakeholders to support the benefits Open Banking and Finance brings to end consumers.

We represent our members’ views, giving them a collective seat at the industry negotiation table. We hold seats on a number of policy working groups, expert advisory groups, and task forces related to Open Banking. In these various forums, we ensure the risks and impacts to fintechs are considered, and that a collective position on the solution to these matters is presented to decision makers. We provide collective bargaining and negotiating power that individual firms cannot achieve on their own.

We also provide direct access and engagement to these decision makers for our members, with regular opportunities to speak directly to policy makers in industry roundtables we host.

FDATA gives members forward intelligence on key policy matters, changes, and trends. Our members can participate directly in various working groups, who serve to shape FDATA’s policy positions and recommendations.

We offer our member firms individual consultations on various policy, market positioning, and market expansion strategies. This service extends to introductions to potential partners across the ecosystem, from direct connections to opportunities to socialise with other ecosystem players at our hosted events and industry roundtables.

Annual subscription for membership of FDATA is based upon the employee headcount a company maintains in each region. Please contact the Region Director directly to discuss the benefits of membership and pricing applicable to your regional presence.
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