Our Charter

As Members of the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA), companies and their representatives agree to endorse and to follow the aims and values of the Association. They agree:

  • that by empowering consumers to leverage their financial data, through services of their choosing, they can make better financial decisions and achieve better financial outcomes;
  • that all companies offering these services have obligations with respect to the security and privacy of their customers’ data and that these are best serviced by participating in the creation and widespread adoption of rules that promote consumer confidence in our industry;
  • that from time to time the Association will wish to make representations on behalf of the industry to government, authorities and stakeholders and as a Member we agree to play a full, productive and constructive part in that process;
  • that when operating on behalf of the Association we will speak for the Association and the industry, being cognisant of all views, and that we will not use any opportunities created through Membership of the Association to attempt to achieve commercial advantage solely for our own company