FDATA North America May Newsletter

by rebecca

FDATA North America Monthly Newsletter for May 2024

Welcome to FDATA North America’s monthly newsletter! These regular dispatches will share developments from our organization and our 30+ member companies, all of which are promoting financial access and inclusion with open finance use cases. We also include a list of upcoming industry events, and coverage of any market developments that impact fintech innovators. Know someone who’d like to receive these monthly updates? Send them here to sign up.

FDATA North America News

FDATA North America Statement on Budget 2024 Initiating Consumer-Driven Banking Framework. On April 16, 2024, the Financial Data and Technology Association of North America (FDATA) applauded the government’s inclusion of a framework to deliver consumer-driven banking as part of Budget 2024. FDATA North America, a longtime advocate for the benefits of open finance for consumers and small businesses, commended the government for its detailed plan and commitment to implement an open finance system through legislation this spring, which will be interoperable with similar U.S. frameworks. FDATA NA encouraged including small business accounts to ensure benefits extend to Canadian small businesses. FDATA NA Executive Director Steve Boms expressed strong support for this move, noting it aligns with global trends towards consumer-centric financial services and promises to enhance financial inclusion and innovation in Canada’s financial sector. FDATA released a statement, which can be found here.

Member News & Activity

Basis Theory published a blog outlining strategies for merchants to modernize their payments infrastructure, emphasizing the importance of evolving with the digital economy to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. The post highlights the critical role of adopting advanced systems like token vaults and payment processor decisioning to optimize transaction fees and improve overall financial performance.

Betterment was featured in a PR Newswire article announcing its acquisition of Marcus Invest’s digital investing accounts from Goldman Sachs, aiming to enhance its award-winning retail platform. This strategic move is set to expand Betterment’s scale by integrating Marcus Invest’s digitally customized portfolios, further establishing its position as a leader in the digital investment advisory space.

ByAllAccounts was featured in a Fintech Global article, which detailed how the company enhances data connectivity for wealth management firms and wealthtechs by addressing challenges in integrating data across diverse technology platforms. The article highlighted ByAllAccounts’ role in providing a single connection to its network, which facilitates access to a multitude of data sources, thereby simplifying data management and improving operational efficiency for its clients.

Codat posted a blog announcing their new Supplier Enablement data product designed to help issuing banks transition from checks to virtual card payments in B2B transactions. By partnering with J.P. Morgan, this innovative solution leverages data APIs to streamline the integration of supplier and spend data, enhancing payment processes and driving adoption of virtual cards.

Envestnet posted a blog highlighting how open banking is poised to transform South Africa’s economic landscape and enhance financial inclusion. Although still in its nascent stages, open banking facilitates the sharing of consumer-permissioned financial data through open APIs, paving the way for innovative financial services and broader access to financial products for underserved populations.

Fiserv published a press release detailing their new enhancements to billing and payment communications, designed to help billers increase on-time payments and streamline operations. By integrating call-to-action notifications and alerts into their BillMatrix® system and partnering with Tilli, Fiserv aims to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency through personalized, multi-channel communication.

Flinks posted a release outlining the significant updates in Canada’s Consumer-Driven Banking for 2024, emphasizing the formal adoption of Open Banking as mandated in Budget 2024. This initiative, set to commence this spring, involves the implementation of foundational components such as governance structures and technical standards, positioning financial institutions to adapt to evolving regulatory and technological landscapes.

Interac published a release announcing its acquisition of exclusive Canadian rights to the Vouchr platform, aiming to enhance Interac e-Transfer with personalized multimedia notifications. This strategic move allows Interac to integrate Vouchr’s technology into their services, offering customizable and engaging e-gifting experiences that reflect the increasing consumer preference for digital-first interactions.

Inverite was featured in a Yahoo Finance article highlighting its remarkable achievement of recording a record number of transactions in the first quarter of 2024 through its AI-driven open banking platform. The article details how Inverite Insights Inc. has seen significant growth in revenue-based transactions, with a 29% increase from the same period last year, emphasizing the company’s strong position in the financial technology sector.

Method published a blog emphasizing the critical need for diverse authentication regimes as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) moves forward with finalizing Section 1033 of the Dodd-Frank Act, which aims to enable inclusive access to the benefits of open banking for all consumers, especially the unbanked, underbanked, and non-digitally banking populations. Highlighting the potential for existing credential-based authentication methods to exclude millions from accessing open banking benefits, Method proposes an alternative approach. This approach utilizes personally identifiable information and account numbers, aiming to ensure secure and inclusive access to financial services, fostering financial health and empowerment across broader demographics.

MX published a blog post discussing the recent progress in Canada’s Consumer-Driven Banking Framework, detailing the Canadian government’s plans to introduce legislation this spring as part of Budget 2024. The post highlights that this legislation will set the governance, scope, and technical standards for Open Banking in Canada, aiming to enhance financial data control for Canadians and foster a more inclusive and competitive financial ecosystem.

Petal was highlighted in a PR Newswire article discussing Empower Finance, Inc.’s definitive agreement to acquire Petal, a U.S.-based fintech company, alongside the completion of its acquisition of Cashalo, a lending company in the Philippines. The acquisitions are part of Empower’s strategy to expand access to fair credit and improve financial services for underserved consumers, using innovative approaches like cash flow underwriting and alternative data analysis to reshape credit accessibility globally.

Plaid published a blog post authored by Victoria Margolin, a product marketer focused on the evolution of open finance, providing a comprehensive overview of the upcoming Dodd-Frank Section 1033 rule by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The post details the implications of the rule for companies, emphasizing the need for compliance in managing consumer data rights and the benefits it brings in promoting a more secure and consumer-friendly financial ecosystem.

Trustly posted a release announcing their recent activation on the FedNow®️ rail, marking a significant advancement in their capabilities to offer instant payouts, particularly through their collaboration with ESPN BET. This integration not only enhances Trustly’s leadership in instant payments in the U.S. but also positions ESPN BET as the first sports betting merchant to leverage FedNow®️ for instant payout options, broadening access across the nation.

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