FDATA North America February Newsletter

by rebecca

FDATA North America Monthly Newsletter for February 2024

Welcome to FDATA North America’s monthly newsletter! These regular dispatches will share developments from our organization and our 30+ member companies, all of which are promoting financial access and inclusion with open finance use cases. We also include a list of upcoming industry events, and coverage of any market developments that impact fintech innovators. Know someone who’d like to receive these monthly updates? Send them here to sign up.

Member News & Activity

API Metrics published a blog post sharing the top three API trends for 2024, focus on API Discovery, API Validation, and API Conformance. These trends emphasize the importance of discovering and monitoring all APIs for security and efficiency, ensuring APIs meet specific requirements and performance standards, and verifying that APIs conform to their intended use and governance rules.

Basis Theory published a blog post discussing chargebacks, explaining them as bank-initiated reversals of charges in response to consumer complaints, such as fraud or disputes over refunds. The post emphasizes the importance of clear communication, effective customer service, and robust fraud protection measures in payment systems to minimize chargebacks.

Betterment posted a press release announcing the launch of “Betterment at Work,” allowing small business employers to match their employees’ student loan payments with 401(k) contributions. This industry-first solution, aligned with the Secure Act 2.0 legislation, aims to aid workers burdened by student debt in enhancing their retirement readiness by enabling them to save for retirement while paying off their loans.

Codat posted a blog detailing its Bank Feeds API, which now supports platforms like NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, and FreeAgent, simplifying the integration process for corporate card and cross-border payment providers.

Envestnet Yodlee’s Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance Lisa Novier, remarked on the remarkable acceleration of open banking at the Money2020 conference, highlighting an increase of over 140% in their open banking volume from 2022 to 2023. During the event, she also delved into their strategy for educating data providers and discussed the advantages of expanding the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ruling for both financial institutions and consumers.

EQ Bank published a press release highlighting its “Second Chance” campaign, which challenges Canadians to expect more from their checking accounts, particularly in light of a new survey revealing low awareness about interest earnings and dissatisfaction with financial incentives from banks.

Experian posted a press release announcing its new integration with Dark Matter Technologies, enabling the majority of U.S. mortgage lenders to instantly access verified income and employment information through Experian Verify, integrated with Dark Matter’s Empower loan origination system and Exchange service network.

Financsystech was mentioned in an article on Prensa, discussing the trends of 2022 in Open Finance and Open Insurance, where CEO and Co-founder Danillo Branco, a pioneer in building an Open Source Open Finance as a Service Platform, contributed to the debate on digital transformation and service provision in these sectors.

Flinks published a blog exploring the benefits of Open Banking for commercial banking, highlighting how this innovation is transforming the Canadian financial landscape by offering more efficient, secure, and accessible services to businesses and reshaping operations in an increasingly digital world.

GoCardless was mentioned in “The State of Open Banking: Six Years After PSD2” article in the Fintech Times, where Tom Burton, the Director of External Affairs and Public Policy, discussed the evolution and challenges of open banking payments technology. He emphasized that for open banking to become a primary alternative to card payments, it needs to achieve ubiquity through comprehensive bank coverage, excellent user experience, and integration into digital wallets.

MX published a blog proclaiming 2024 as the year of financial data intelligence, predicting significant growth and success for financial institutions and fintechs that effectively harness and leverage vast amounts of transaction and customer data.

Portabl published a blog titled “Portabl x Mastercard: Start Path Open Banking 2024,” announcing their participation in the Mastercard Start Path Open Banking Program as the first reusable identity platform. This collaboration aims to leverage Portabl’s reusable KYC and verifiable credentials to enhance financial access and consumer choice, by integrating identity with payments within Mastercard’s global network.

Trustly held a webinar titled “Embedded Finance vs Open Banking: What’s the better build for your customers?”, where they explored the significant market potentials of open banking and embedded finance, projected to reach $164.8 billion and $6.5 trillion respectively in the coming years.

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