FDATA North America May 2023 Newsletter

by rebecca


FDATA North America Responds to CFPB Release of Section 1033 SBREFA Memo. In response to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) recent release of its Section 1033 SBREFA memo, which summarizes the feedback it received from small business representatives (SERs) during the SBREFA panels earlier this year, FDATA stated that: “the CFPB’s forthcoming Section 1033 rule represents a significant opportunity to create a more competitive and customer-centric financial services marketplace in the U.S. We are glad to see that much of the feedback the CFPB has received from the SERs mirrors FDATA’s positions, including a general view that the 1033 rule should cover a broader scope of accounts, including mortgages, student loans, auto loans, personal loans, prepaid cards, payroll accounts, public benefits, and more. We are also encouraged by discussion among the SERs of the importance of the CFPB establishing authentication standards to ensure that third parties do not experience any undue restrictions in accessing user-permissioned data, as well as the importance of credential-based screen scraping continuing for some period of time given the general lack of token-based APIs that currently exist in the data provider ecosystem. We also echo the robust feedback from the SERs that the proposed limitations on secondary data usage could have unforeseen negative implications for research, product improvements, and a range of other use cases, and suggestions that the Bureau more carefully consider any such limitations. We look forward to continuing to work with the CFPB as it prepares to propose a Section 1033 rulemaking later this year.”

Member News & Activity

Codat CEO and Co-Founder Pete Lord joined the Bank of America Speaker Series to discuss small business data, integration use cases and future Codat growth. Peter will also be joining a session at the upcoming Fintech Nexus USA conference entitled “unlocking financial access through open finance” on May 11.

EQ Bank has been named the best bank in Canada on the Forbes 2023 list of the World’s Best Banks. This is the third year in a row that EQ Bank has been awarded best bank in Canada.

Envestnet’s Lisa Novier appeared as a guest on IBS Intelligence’s IBSi Podcast surrounding open banking in the US, and Yodlee’s partnership with Experian was mentioned in The Paypers coverage of Experian’s new cloud provider.

Flinks’ CEO and Co-Founder Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf was invited to sit on a panel at the Canadian Fintech Summit to talk about how Canadian fintechs can find success during economically uncertain times. He was joined by nesto as they discussed the funding challenges currently facing startups and how they managed to find a way to overcome these obstacles and thrive.

Method Co-Founder and CEO Jose Bethancourt spoke on a panel at the Fintech Meetup conference on ‘building the next decade of consumer finance,’ where he explained how Method connects consumers’ liabilities across over 60k institutions so that lenders can access all of a person’s debt obligations by combining data from credit bureaus with financial institutions’ core banking systems.

Morningstar’s Brian Costello, Head of Data Aggregation Strategy and Governance for ByAllAccounts joined Morningstar Simple, but Not Easy podcast episode entitled: “30,000-Foot View of Financial Advisor Challenges, Including Data and New Regulations.” In the episode, he took a 30,000-foot view of financial advisor challenges and dug into the importance of data and regulations in overcoming these challenges.

MX CEO Jim Magats joined Jim Marous on his “Banking Transformed” podcast to discuss how MX is empowering financial institutions with the tools and insights they need to succeed in the developing open banking landscape and provide exceptional customer experiences.

Plaid announced a new integration with Finastra’s Fusion Digital Banking platform. The partnership, delivered via Finastra’s FusionFabric.cloud open APIs, provides financial institutions of all sizes within the Finastra ecosystem with account verification tools, making it easier and more secure for consumers to link their account data from their main financial institution with external financial apps and services. This Plaid integration helps these institutions effectively meet these customer demands, ultimately helping them stay competitive with larger banks and emerging market entrants.

Trustly published two new posts on its blog highlighting the critical importance of “Know You Customer” (KYC) to mitigate fraudulent financial activity and a high level guide to the Financial Data Exchange (FDX) and its API standard for secure authorization and authentication.

Vaultree Co-Founder and COO Tilo Weigandt joined Solutions Review’s Expert Insights Series to share his thoughts on how data-in-use encryption is the key to thwarting to Cross-Border Cybercrime.

Vopay published a new comprehensive guide to EFT payments, which includes many useful infographics and explains the many types, problems with traditional payment processions, differences between EFT and ACH and wire transfers, the benefits to users, and a handful of use cases.

Xero published a new video as part of its Xero Future Focus series entitled “Future of Financial Services Open Banking” featuring Xero’s EGM of Global Financial Services, Leigh O’neill. The video unpacks the basics of open banking, the differences between it and open finance, data security, and the opportunities it provides small businesses to manage their finances.

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