FDATA – OBIE VRP & Sweeping Phase 2 Consultation Response

by paul

Please provide feedback on the following points:

The need for VRP/Sweeping – why it is so much better than any other option for the customer – control, transparency, flexibility, speed, etc.

Why this cannot be limited to 2 way sweeping, as this rules out many use cases which offer the most value to customers (eg. sweeping into non-current accounts)

How the risks that are being raised by some during the consultation are either nothing to do with VRP or significantly reduced by VRP, and why VRPs actually offer customers better outcomes

How sweeping providers will use smart/ethical AIS algorithms and tight/right sized VRP parameters to only sweep money the customer can afford – and why it’s 100% aligned to their business model to protect the customer this way

How, as regulated parties, TPPs are required to manage risk and look after customers, including if they have complaints

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