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Matt Schofield

CTO, Credit Kudos

Matt is a seasoned CTO and Data Engineer and specialises in building large-scale software systems for data analysis and building teams around them. He was part of the team at Universal Music that used consumer listening behaviour data to more effectively invest in undiscovered musicians – drastically underserved by the major record labels. Matt saw a parallel in Credit Kudos’ potential to build a more inclusive financial system for those overlooked by the credit bureaux. Matt is a delegate of the PSD2 Third Party Provider community present on the Open Banking Technical Design Authority, responsible for the delivery of Open Banking in the UK market. He is also amongst the foremost technical leaders inside the Financial Data and Technology Association trade body, regularly contributing to policy discussions both in the UK and across the globe. Matt is fascinated by the opportunities open banking presents as a key driver of transparency in the financial services industry. Matt is particularly passionate about harnessing data for the benefit of individuals, and building teams of like minded people to achieve this.

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