Empowering customers to leverage their financial data

Taking fuller control of their financial lives

10. Most Open Finance / fintech friendly financial institution for the consumer moving into the future

This award will go to the financial institution, Bank, large encumbent or ASPSP that can demonstrate that it’s doing the most for the consumer and the journey to open finance. The judges will be looking for results, outputs and measurable factors that look into the future and can demonstrate the organisation that is going above and beyond to safeguard the consumers financial future.

Below are your 5 qualifying questions:



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a. Please explain the process you went through to identify the consumer challenges (max 400 words)

b. Please explain how you developed your innovation using the market evidence (max 250 words)

c. How did you use transactional data to influence your outcome? (max 350 words)

d. Please explain how your innovation has been, or will be, communicated to small business and what testing will be carried out to ensure it meets required needs (max 200 words)

e. What challenges did you meet during your implementation and what learnings will you carry forward, including what you would do differently if you had to do it all again?  (max 250 words)

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