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Kent Mackenzie

Partner at Deloitte

Kent is a Partner in Deloitte’s UK practice where he leads Risk Advisory’s Fintech and RegTech practice.  Having spent the last 15 years directly in both industry roles and as an advisor Kent has developed a deep understanding of data and analytics, ‘disruptive’ technology and the role that Fintech and RegTech is playing in changing the landscape.

Over the last 4 years specifically Kent has led the development of Fintech ecosystems in the UK, Middle East and Europe and has worked closely with Banks, Governments and Regulators advising on both the impact disruptive technology has on the industry, and the opportunity it creates.  Kent also specialises in helping our clients understand the impact of Open Banking and the move to a more democratised, yet controlled leverage of personal data and how this can be combined with new emerging technologies to drive competitive advantage.

Alongside his work directly with large FS clients, Kent also engages closely with emerging Fintechs to design and build new solutions that can address pressures in the market, or shift the dial in terms of customer service and intuitive interaction.  Many of the solutions designed by Kent and his team now featured across our Banking clients.

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