by fdataros

The agenda is in draft form, and you can see the latest draft by clicking below.

We’ll be discussing the delivery of Open Banking, collaborating on standards and setting the agenda for best practice. This event is about influencing the decision makers and regulators and establishing the tone for the Open Banking movement globally.

The key themes are:

  1. International progress on Open Banking
  2. Spotlight on what happened during the UK implementation
  3. Protecting the customer and the ecosystem
  4. Regulatory challenges and obstacles
  5. Designing the future – new data sets and new technical capability
  6. Regulatory and policy roundtable (Private Session)
  7. Harmonising technology and security standards (Open Session)
We’ll also be unveiling a new and game changing initiative in the field of economic and social policy – The Global Open Banking Centre of Excellence – and reviewing the Blueprint for Open Banking Global Standards.